Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your dishes contain any animal products?

A: No animals were harmed or milked in the making of Citizen Mustard. We are a 100% plant-based experience using the finest local and organic ingredients nature has to offer. Our cheeses, milks, and creams are created by using many different combinations of nuts, tubers, and magic.


Q: Do any of your dishes contain gluten?

A: Some of our dishes may contain gluten. Please let us know of any gluten allergies upon reserving your seat.


Q: Do any of your dishes contain nuts?

A: We use nuts in many of our dishes. If you are interested in attending a dinner and are concerned about nuts, please contact us via email. We will take a look at what upcoming dishes contain nuts and do our best to accommodate.


Q: Where are you located?

A: You’ll just have to wait and see! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for current locations. 


Q: I have a venue idea for you, can I tell you about it?

A: Yes! Please! We love hearing about venue ideas. Have an idea? Want to host a dinner at your business? Interested in collaborating? Email us at


Q: Can I hire Citizen Mustard to cater my event?

A: 100% yes! We would love to be a part of your event.


Q: I loved the dishes last time! Will I have the chance to eat them again?

A: We are so happy you loved our food! Our menu rotates monthly. If you would like the same exact menu be sure to book yourself a seat within the same month. If you have a dish that you would love to see make an appearance again on a following month’s menu be sure to shout it out on social media!